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Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia Hardwoods

Dust Free Sanding

Chattahoochee Hardwood Flooring uses the #1 state of the art dust containment system available in today’s market. Manufactured by BonaKemi, THE ATOMIC TRAILER UNIT completely eliminates the dangerous dust and cancer causing particles released into the air.

With traditional sanding and small vacuum systems these carcinogenics will linger in your air ducts once they become airborne. See the short video below demonstrating the advantages of dust free sanding. You will notice with THE BONAKEMI ATOMIC TRAILER UNIT, there is No Clean up, No Taping up, No changing your air filters from airborne dust.

The System is Green guarded: We are the first and only company in the Atlanta area to offer THE BONAKEMI ATOMIC TRAILER UNIT. The Atomic Trailer unit is a 27 horse powered gas engine that extracts all the dust from the jobsite. The dangerous particles never go airborne into the jobsite. It’s Simply the best. We spent months researching dust containment machines. In 2008, we invested in the best dust containment system on the market for numerous reasons including health of consumers and our employees as well as eliminating “The Dust”. Plain and Simple: “If it’s not the BONAKEMI ATOMIC TRAILER unit, It’s just not DUST FREE”. This System is Green guarded for your health and the environment.


Dust Free Sanding with the BonaKemi Atomic Trailer